Course Director: Dr. Zoltán Magyar PhD
Lecturers: Dr. Zoltán Magyar PhD, Szilveszter Geyer , András Medveczky, Balázs András
Course: Compulsory
Course Load: 2 Hours of Lectures per Week
Credits: 2 points
Completion: Test
Announced: Autumn Semesters

Lecture Descriptions

1st week: Integrated Design Approach – Complex interrelations between the environment, the building, technologies and occupants. Traditional and integrated design process. Case studies.

2nd week: Thermal Comfort 1 – Indoor environmental factors. Factors influencing thermal comfort. PMV and PPD index. Mean radiant temperature, operative temperature.

3rd week: Thermal Comfort 2 – Metabolic rate, clothing insulation. Comfort equation. Local discomforts, radiant asymmetry. Related standards (EN 15251).

4th week:  Indoor Air Quality  – Strength of pollution sources, perceived indoor air quality. Ventilation effectiveness. Indoor pollutants. Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).

5th week: Smart technology in the hydronic systems

6th week: Test 1 (writing) from the first 4 lectures

7th week: Innovation building automation solutions

8th week: Visit to the Indoor Environmental Laboratory – Thermal comfort and indoor air quality measurements, running research projects in the comfort area

9th week: Smart and nZEB buildings

10th week: Ventilation

11th week:Test 2 (writing) 

12th week: Intensive studio week 

13th week: Substitute test (writing) from Test 1 and Test 2 on Tuesday