Consultation Schedule

The generic consultation time is on Monday and Thursday mornings from 8.00 – 10.00 or from 9:00 – 11:00. The individual consultation schedule of the professors may vary, therefore please contact the professor you wish to have consultation with via Email or in person for further information.

Complex 1 and Diploma

The complex design 1 and diploma projects (task descriptions: BSc Diploma 1, BSc Diploma 2, MSc Complex 1) aim to develop a so called “building approval” architectural documentation set. The task is to:

  • identify the existing and required building utilities,
  • determine the used building systems and services and assign adequate rooms and spaces for their operation,
  • determine the overall building energy performance and identify applicable renewable energy systems.

Please download this Design Aid for more help and information regarding the actual tasks and deliverables:

Complex 2

The aim of the complex design 2 (task description: MSc Complex 2) is to create a so called “working drawing documentation set”. The task is to:

  • select the lighting methods according to the function and tasks of the interior,
  • select manufacturer specific lamps and choose the most appropriate light sources,
  • create an the artificial lighting design for the interior space and illustrate the location and position of the suggested lamps,
  • suggest daylighting options in relation to the artificial lighting design.

Please download this Design Aid for more help and information regarding the actual tasks and deliverables:


Heat pump

Condensation boiler


Solar Thermal Collector

Wind Turbina

Air heating and cooling