Consultation Schedule

The generic consultation time is on Monday and Thursday mornings from 8.15 – 11.00 or from 9:00 – 12:00. The individual consultation schedule of the professors may vary, therefore please contact the professor you wish to have consultation with via Email or in person for further information.

Task Descriptions

Complex 1 and Diploma Design Aids

The complex design 1 and diploma projects aim to develop a so called “building approval” architectural documentation set. Part of this documentation set the electric power supply of the project shall also be elaborated and the corresponding rooms and spaces must be provided.

Complex 2 Design Aids

The aim of the complex design 2 is to create a so called “working drawing documentation set”. In case of lighting and luminaire design the goal is to create and illustrate the artificial lighting in the selected interior spaces of the building and also suggest corresponding daylighting schemes for the architectural design. Please feel free to visit the Lighting for Buildings Photo Database for examples and inspiration.